Commit b63d1eb2 authored by Doris Tam's avatar Doris Tam Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug 1904949: removing old duplicate lang pairs.

There is one edited lang string key which I am not sure where it belongs to.
When it was created 8 years ago, there was a typo on the key. Probs a
copy paste error.

Change-Id: Ib98a90e40be1fc1c40f379246d18b8f2ad576c67
parent e3b87aba
......@@ -260,8 +260,6 @@ $string['groupcategoriespagedescription'] = 'The categories listed here can be a
$string['groupquotas'] = "Group quota for '%s'";
$string['groupfilequotadescription'] = 'Total storage available in the group\'s files area.';
$string['groupadminsforgroup'] = "Group administrators for '%s'";
$string['potentialadmins'] = 'Potential administrators';
$string['currentadmins'] = 'Current administrators';
$string['makeusersintoadmins'] = 'Turn selected regular accounts into administrator accounts';
$string['makeadminsintousers'] = 'Turn selected administrator accounts back into regular accounts';
$string['groupadminsupdated'] = 'Group administrators have been updated';
......@@ -831,7 +829,6 @@ $string['Import'] = 'Import';
$string['bulkimportdirdoesntexist'] = 'The directory %s does not exist.';
$string['unabletoreadbulkimportdir'] = 'The directory %s is unreadable.';
$string['unabletoreadcsvfile'] = 'Unable to read CSV file %s.';
$string['importfilenotreadable'] = 'Unable to read Leap2A file %s.';
$string['importfileisnotazipfile'] = 'Import file %s was not detected as a ZIP file.';
$string['unzipfailed'] = 'Failed to unzip the Leap2A file %s. See the error log for more information.';
$string['importfailedfornusers'] = 'Import failed for %d of %d accounts.';
......@@ -858,7 +855,6 @@ $string['staffusersupdated'] = 'Staff updated';
// Suspended Users
$string['deleteusers'] = 'Delete accounts';
$string['deleteuser'] = 'Delete account';
$string['confirmdeleteusers1'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the accounts for the selected people?';
$string['exportingnotsupportedyet'] = 'Exporting profiles is not supported yet.';
$string['exportuserprofiles'] = 'Export profiles';
......@@ -1521,7 +1517,6 @@ $string['registerrefusal'] = 'Your account will not be created when you do not c
$string['registerprivacy'] = 'Please read the privacy statement. If you do not consent to it, you cannot create an account on the site.';
$string['registertermsandconditions'] = 'Please read the terms and conditions. If you do not consent to them, you cannot create an account on the site.';
$string['enterreason'] = 'Please enter the reason of refusal here...';
$string['hasrefused'] = 'has refused the privacy statement';
$string['privacylowcase'] = 'privacy statement';
$string['termsandconditionslowcase'] = 'terms and conditions';
$string['hasrefused'] = 'has refused the %s';
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ $string['plugin_blocktype_groupinfo_version'] = 'Block type plugin Group info ve
$string['plugin_blocktype_groupmembers_version'] = 'Block type plugin Group members version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_groupviews_version'] = 'Block type plugin Group portfolios version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_html_version'] = 'Block type plugin Some HTML version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_html_version'] = 'Block type plugin PDF version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_pdf_version'] = 'Block type plugin PDF version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_image_version'] = 'Block type plugin Image version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_inbox_version'] = 'Block type plugin Inbox version';
$string['plugin_blocktype_internalmedia_version'] = 'Block type plugin Embedded media version';
......@@ -72,7 +72,6 @@ $string['institutionviews'] = 'Institution pages';
$string['institutionviewscollections'] = 'Institution pages and collections';
$string['reallyaddaccesstoemptyview'] = 'Your page contains no blocks. Do you really want to give these people access to the page?';
$string['viewdeleted'] = 'Page deleted';
$string['viewsubmitted'] = 'Page submitted';
$string['deletethisview'] = 'Delete this page';
$string['submitthisviewto1'] = 'Submit this page for assessment to';
$string['submitthiscollectionto1'] = 'Submit this collection for assessment to';
......@@ -134,7 +133,6 @@ $string['listedinpages'] = 'Listed in pages';
$string['public'] = 'Public';
$string['registeredusers'] = 'Registered people';
$string['friends'] = 'Friends';
$string['groups'] = 'Groups';
$string['users'] = 'People';
$string['friend'] = 'Friend';
$string['group'] = 'Group';
......@@ -193,7 +191,6 @@ $string['Createdon'] = 'Created on';
$string['Added'] = 'Added';
$string['share'] = 'Share';
$string['sharedbyme'] = 'Shared by me';
$string['sharewith'] = 'Share with';
$string['whosharewith'] = 'Who do you want to share with?';
$string['accesslist'] = 'Access list';
$string['defaultaccesslistmessage'] = 'Nobody besides you can view your selected pages / collections. Add people to give them access.';
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