Commit b690cde0 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Add 'sendemail' setting to config-defaults.php.

parent e3891931
......@@ -116,6 +116,17 @@ $cfg->log_backtrace_levels = LOG_LEVEL_WARN | LOG_LEVEL_ENVIRON;
// developing for Mahara
$cfg->developermode = false;
// Whether to send e-mail. If set to false, Mahara will not send any e-mail at
// all. This is useful for when setting up development versions of Mahara where
// you don't want to accidentally send email to users from this particular
// Mahara installation.
// You can use sendallemailto to have all e-mails from this instance of Mahara
// sent to one particular address instead of where they're aimed for. Leave
// sendemail = true if you want to use this setting.
$cfg->sendemail = true;
// $cfg->sendallemailto = '';
// capture performance information and print it
// $cfg->perftofoot = true; // needs a call to mahara_performance_info (smarty callback) - see default theme's footer.tpl
// $cfg->perftolog = true;
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