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Function for suspending a user

parent 9b2fff71
......@@ -393,7 +393,27 @@ function get_friend_request($userid1, $userid2) {
* Suspends a user
* @param int $suspendeduserid The ID of the user to suspend
* @param string $reason The reason why the user is being suspended
* @param int $suspendinguserid The ID of the user who is performing the suspension
function suspend_user($suspendeduserid, $reason, $suspendinguserid=null) {
if ($suspendinguserid === null) {
global $USER;
$suspendinguserid = $USER->get('id');
$suspendrec = new StdClass;
$suspendrec->id = $suspendeduserid;
$suspendrec->suspendedcusr = $suspendinguserid;
$suspendrec->suspendedreason = $reason;
$suspendrec->suspendedctime = db_format_timestamp(time());
update_record('usr', $suspendrec, 'id');
handle_event('suspenduser', $suspendeduserid);
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