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Behat Bug 1732302 Behat: fix secret_URL test

Change-Id: Ie55f6083e93ccf3a8d29c5e0ef6a62fa71950d0d
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Feature: Button to reliably copy secret URLs
In order to copy a secret URLs
As an admin I need to create page
So I can press secret URLs button and copy it
Feature: Check Secret URL functionality
1) Log in and create seceret URL
2) Verify copy icon button is displayed
3) Verify that Secret URL was created
Given the following "pages" exist:
| title | description| ownertype | ownername |
| Page admin_01 | Page | admin | admin |
| Page admin A | Page | admin | admin |
Scenario: Create a page and secret URLs to copy (Bug 1426983)
# Log in as an Admin user
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Kupuh1pa!"
# Navigating to shared by be to click button
And I choose "Shared by me" in "Share" from main menu
And I click on "Edit secret URL access" in "Page admin_01" row
And I click on "Edit secret URL access" in "Page admin A" row
And I press "New secret URL"
# Verifying Secret URLs was created
And I should see "Copy secret URL to the clipboard"
And I choose "Shared by me" in "Share" from main menu
Then I should see "1" in the "Secret urls - table row 1" property
Then I should see "1" in the "Page admin A" row
This script still needs the following steps:
1) user to click the "Copy secret URL to the clipboard" icon button
2) paste the copied URL into an address bar
3) verify the page title is "Page admin_01"
NOTE - To write a function for the above will take a great deal of effort and is not feasible at this time
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