Commit b77e761d authored by Roisin Pearson's avatar Roisin Pearson Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug #1797827 Configurable theme displays correct colouring for timeline

Change-Id: I3ee4ccbc48b0394f6184bee8dfdf276de60f82cd
(cherry picked from commit 15e6e978)
parent ace60275
......@@ -280,3 +280,24 @@ a.admin-site {
.custom-dropdown > ul > li > span {
background-color: #767676;
/* this is for the timeline */
.jtline .filling-line {
background-color: {$data.background};
.no-touch .jtline .events a:hover::after,
.jtline .events a.selected::after {
background-color: {$data.background};
border-color: {$data.background};
.jtline .events a.older-event::after,
.no-touch .cd-timeline-navigation a:hover,
.no-touch .cd-timeline-navigation-second a:hover {
border-color: {$data.background};
.cd-timeline-navigation a::after,
.cd-timeline-navigation-second a::after {
color: {$data.background};
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