Commit b80f906c authored by Darryl Hamilton's avatar Darryl Hamilton
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Add check for working unzip before trying to use it (bug #746079)

Change-Id: I04bca3f7d628c3c8f297846ab6bbc086c44f7954
Signed-off-by: default avatarDarryl Hamilton <>
parent 53348d27
......@@ -416,6 +416,11 @@ abstract class ImporterTransport {
// check that pathtounzip is valid
if (!is_executable(get_config('pathtounzip'))) {
throw new ImportException($this, get_string('unzipnotinstalled', 'admin'));
$command = sprintf('%s %s %s %s',
......@@ -454,6 +454,7 @@ $string['importfilemissinglisting'] = 'The bulk export file is missing a file na
$string['importfilenotafile'] = 'Error during form submission: file was not recognised';
$string['importfilenotreadable'] = 'Error during form submission: file was not readable';
$string['bulkleap2aimportfiledescription'] = 'The zip file on your server containing all exported users (in Leap2A format) along with a CSV listing of usernames';
$string['unzipnotinstalled'] = 'Your system does not have the unzip command, or $cfg->pathtounzip is misconfigured. Please install unzip to enable importing a zipped export file or fix the $cfg->pathtounzip setting.';
$string['importednuserssuccessfully'] = 'Imported %d of %d users successfully';
$string['Import'] = 'Import';
$string['bulkimportdirdoesntexist'] = 'The directory %s does not exist';
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