Commit b8470848 authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon
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Allowing for phpunit test to warn about need install first

Phpunit tests cannot run if Mahara is not installed but doesn't give
any warning to this fact

Change-Id: Ie8aecf35fef730adbb42856da13ff712ed8505d5
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent 333ab7f0
......@@ -439,6 +439,9 @@ if ($siteclosed && !$USER->admin) {
// check to see if we're installed...
if (!get_config('installed')) {
if (defined('TESTSRUNNING')) {
die("Need to have Mahara installed before phpunit tests will run. Please install via 'php htdocs/admin/cli/install.php'");
$scriptfilename = str_replace('\\', '/', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']);
if (!defined('CLI')
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