Commit bcc68f96 authored by Ghada El-Zoghbi's avatar Ghada El-Zoghbi
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Bug#1735072: Fix upgrade error by delimiting event_log table in sql

Forgot to wrap the table name event_log with curly brackets.

Sponsored by Australian National University


Change-Id: Ia598632b1f0ae177fe646312ea5c2b38a9e83d51
parent 2f96b310
......@@ -5127,7 +5127,7 @@ function xmldb_core_upgrade($oldversion=0) {
$field->setAttributes(XMLDB_TYPE_DATETIME, null, null);
add_field($table, $field);
$sql = "update event_log set ctime = time";
$sql = "UPDATE {event_log} SET ctime = time";
// now set ctime attribute to NOT NULL.
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