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Basic display of resume data in HTML export.

Needs cleanup for sure, but for now it's there and it works.
parent fba08ae7
......@@ -36,6 +36,19 @@ class HtmlExportResume extends HtmlExportArtefactPlugin {
$smarty->assign('breadcrumbs', array(
array('text' => get_string('resume', 'artefact.resume'), 'path' => 'index.html'),
if ($artefacts = get_column_sql("SELECT id
FROM {artefact}
WHERE owner = ?
AND artefacttype IN
(SELECT name FROM {artefact_installed_type} WHERE plugin = 'resume')",
array($this->exporter->get('user')->get('id')))) {
foreach ($artefacts as $id) {
$artefact = artefact_instance_from_id($id);
$rendered = $artefact->render_self(array());
$smarty->assign($artefact->get('artefacttype'), $rendered['html']);
$content = $smarty->fetch('export:html/resume:index.tpl');
if (false === file_put_contents($this->fileroot . 'index.html', $content)) {
{include file="export:html:header.tpl"}
<p>Insert resume here</p>
<h2>{str tag=coverletter section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=interest section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=contactinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=personalinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=employmenthistory section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=educationhistory section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=certification section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=book section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=membership section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h2>{str tag=myskills section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h3>{str tag=personalgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
<h3>{str tag=academicgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
<h3>{str tag=careergoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
<h2>{str tag=mygoals section=artefact.resume}</h2>
<h3>{str tag=personalskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
<h3>{str tag=academicskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
<h3>{str tag=workskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{include file="export:html:footer.tpl"}
TODOs for export HTML plugin
* Resume data export
* blogs - render without javascript
* rewrite all links and images to point to the right places
- blog attachments
- smilies
* views - render in proper structure
* resume display tidyup
* i18n
* G&D
* Documentation
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