Commit bfb278ad authored by Ghada El-Zoghbi's avatar Ghada El-Zoghbi Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug 1833325: Apply navigation block title to all pages in collection

When adding a navigation block to all pages in a collection,
include the block's title on all the other pages where the
block will be added.

Sponsored by The Australian National University


Change-Id: I0126dcbdc0bad5546f2b08f9bee347084b66f42c
parent 6a077cda
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ class PluginBlocktypeNavigation extends MaharaCoreBlocktype {
$bi = new BlockInstance(0,
'blocktype' => 'navigation',
'title' => '',
'title' => $values['title'],
'row' => $instance->get('row'),
'column' => $instance->get('column'),
'order' => 1,
......@@ -30,12 +30,17 @@ Scenario:
And I follow "Navigation"
And I press "Add"
And I select "Collection UserA_02" from "Collection"
And I click on "Set a block title"
And I set the field "Block title" to "Nav for collection B"
And I enable the switch "Add to all pages"
And I select "Automatically retract" from "Retractable"
And I press "Save"
And I display the page
# test retractable setting
Then I should not see "Page UserA_04"
When I expand "Collection UserA_02" node
Then I should see "Nav for collection B"
And I press "Next page"
And I should not see "Page UserA_04"
When I expand "Nav for collection B" node
# test link works
And I follow "Page UserA_04"
And I should see "Page 04"
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