Commit c2b58993 authored by Penny Leach's avatar Penny Leach
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added alastair to list of allowed authors in

parent 79f666f0
...@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ sub process { ...@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ sub process {
$author_data =~ m{ \s* Martyn \s Smith \s <martyn\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms $author_data =~ m{ \s* Martyn \s Smith \s <martyn\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms
or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Penny \s Leach \s <penny\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Penny \s Leach \s <penny\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms
or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Nigel \s McNie \s <nigel\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Nigel \s McNie \s <nigel\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms
or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Alastair \s Pharo \s <alastair\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms
or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Richard \s Mansfield \s <richard\.mansfield\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms or $author_data =~ m{ \s* Richard \s Mansfield \s <richard\.mansfield\@catalyst\.net\.nz> \s* }xms
) { ) {
print $directory, $filename, " invalid \@author '$author_data'\n"; print $directory, $filename, " invalid \@author '$author_data'\n";
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