Commit ca00f969 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Bug 1431659: Allowing import of annotation leap2a"

parents 14325536 f378b347
......@@ -459,8 +459,7 @@ class LeapImportAnnotation extends LeapImportArtefactPlugin {
$annotation_entry = $importer->get_entry_by_id($entry->entryid);
$view_entry_request = self::get_referent_entryid($annotation_entry, $importer);
$view_entry_request = self::get_referent_entryid($entry, $importer);
if ($viewid = $importer->get_viewid_imported_by_entryid($view_entry_request)) {
$annotation->set('view', $viewid);
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