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Merge "Behat Bug 1804750 user self delete requires current password removed...

Merge "Behat Bug 1804750 user self delete requires current password removed 2nd user from Background"
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Feature: User self delete requires Current password
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname | role |
| UserA | Kupuh1pa! | | Angela | User | mahara | internal | member |
Scenario: existing user wants to delete their account
Given I log in as "UserA" with password "Kupuh1pa!"
And I choose "Preferences" in "Settings" from user menu
And I wait "1" seconds
When I follow "Delete account"
Then I am on "account/delete.php"
And I should see "If you delete your account, all your content will be deleted permanently. You cannot get it back. Your profile information and your pages will no longer be visible to other users. The content of any forum posts you have written will still be visible, but your name will no longer be displayed."
And I should see "Fields marked by '*' are required."
And I should see "Current password *"
When I set the field "Current password *" to "Kupuh1pa!"
And I press "Delete account"
Then I should see "Your account has been deleted."
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