Commit cd61deef authored by Martyn Smith's avatar Martyn Smith Committed by Martyn Smith
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Fixed myPortfolio theme stuff

parent 6ab3cf3c
......@@ -919,8 +919,8 @@ function pieform_validate(Pieform $form, $values) {
function pieform_element_calendar_configure($element) {
$element['jsroot'] = '/js/jscalendar/';
$element['themefile'] = get_config('themeurl') . 'style/calendar.css';
$element['imagefile'] = get_config('themeurl') . 'calendar.gif';
$element['themefile'] = theme_get_url('style/calendar.css');
$element['imagefile'] = theme_get_url('calendar.gif');
$element['language'] = 'en'; // @todo: language file names for the js calendar may need to be changed
return $element;
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