Commit d16343fd authored by Liam Sharpe's avatar Liam Sharpe
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Removed h5 from deleted post in a forum and replaced with a p tag - Bug #1558874


Change-Id: I19e0890d0129f5e77cc2f73bfc65a4d3e9c16ce1
parent 2634208d
{if $post->deleted}
<h5 class="deletedpost">
<p class="deletedpost">
{if $post->deletedcount > 1}
{str tag="postsbyuserweredeleted" section="" args=array($post->deletedcount,display_name($post->poster))}
{str tag="postbyuserwasdeleted" section="" args=display_name($post->poster)}
<div class="forum-post-container" style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:0px; width:{$width}%">
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