Commit d1a73341 authored by Amelia Cordwell's avatar Amelia Cordwell Committed by Son Nguyen
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Bug 1217827 fix-Plan Description on portfolio page

This patch makes plan description show up on a portfolio page which
it is a part of. Previously the description would only show up on
the content / plans page rather than on a page it was a part of.

Change-Id: I7436d6c2384a5064780f7281968467d08ca60490
parent 63bdabcf
......@@ -82,6 +82,7 @@ class PluginBlocktypePlans extends PluginBlocktype {
. '&view=' . $instance->get('view');
$tasks['pagination'] = '<a href="' . $artefacturl . '">' . get_string('alltasks', 'artefact.plans') . '</a>';
$smarty->assign('description', $plan->get('description'));
$smarty->assign('owner', $plan->get('owner'));
$smarty->assign('tags', $plan->get('tags'));
$smarty->assign('tasks', $tasks);
{if $tags}<p class="tags s"><strong>{str tag=tags}:</strong> {list_tags owner=$owner tags=$tags}</p>{/if}
{if $}
<table id="tasktable_{$blockid}" class="plansblocktable fullwidth">
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