Commit d5440090 authored by Liam Sharpe's avatar Liam Sharpe
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added some space between the copy page and copy collection buttons - Bug #1465107


Change-Id: I5c1b2c15f812350cdb4d366ed623ac6c23ca08c6
parent f929a8e6
......@@ -6326,7 +6326,7 @@ function create_view_form($group=null, $institution=null, $template=null, $colle
$form['elements']['submitcollection'] = array(
'type' => 'button',
'usebuttontag' => true,
'class' => 'btn-sm btn-default',
'class' => 'btn-sm btn-default mts',
'value' => get_string('copycollection', 'collection'),
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