Commit d73a4a9e authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon
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Bug 1711958: Allow update_record to return id of record updated

By supplying $primarykey and $returnpk parameters to the update_record


Change-Id: Ib2078384cf2d48e4cea1b08f804ea01dc8e9b1d4
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent c3d9acba
......@@ -1206,11 +1206,13 @@ function ensure_record_exists($table, $whereobject, $dataobject, $primarykey=fal
* @param string $table The database table to be checked against.
* @param array $dataobject An object with contents equal to fieldname=>fieldvalue. Must have an entry for 'id' to map to the table specified.
* @param mixed $where defines the WHERE part of the upgrade. Can be string (key) or array (keys) or hash (keys/values).
* @param string $primarykey The primary key of the table we are updating (almost always "id")
* @param bool $returnpk Should the id of the newly created record entry be returned? If this option is not requested then true/false is returned.
* If the first two, values are expected to be in $dataobject.
* @return bool
* @throws SQLException
function update_record($table, $dataobject, $where=null) {
function update_record($table, $dataobject, $where=null, $primarykey=false, $returnpk=false) {
global $db;
......@@ -1316,6 +1318,11 @@ function update_record($table, $dataobject, $where=null) {
try {
$stmt = $db->Prepare($sql);
$rs = $db->Execute($stmt, array_merge($setclausevalues, $wherevalues));
if ($returnpk) {
$primarykey = $primarykey ? $primarykey : 'id';
$returnsql = 'SELECT ' . $primarykey . ' FROM ' . db_table_name($table) . ' WHERE ' . $whereclause;
return get_field_sql($returnsql, $wherevalues);
return true;
catch (ADODB_Exception $e) {
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