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Ensure that, when committed, resume fields tell any 'entireresume' blocktypes...

Ensure that, when committed, resume fields tell any 'entireresume' blocktypes in views the user owns that they have been created.

This ensures that when a user adds a resume field, it's instantly visible in their entireresume blocks.
parent 97bcd0d9
......@@ -117,6 +117,35 @@ class ArtefactTypeResume extends ArtefactType {
public function render_self($options) {
return array('html' => $this->description);
* Overrides the default commit to make sure that any 'entireresume' blocks
* in views the user have know about this artefact - but only if necessary.
* Goals and skills are not in the entireresume block
* @param boolean $updateresumeblocks Whether to update any resume blockinstances
public function commit($updateresumeblocks=true) {
if ($updateresumeblocks) {
foreach (get_records_sql_array('
SELECT id, view, configdata
FROM {block_instance}
WHERE blocktype = \'entireresume\'
AND "view" IN (
FROM {view}
WHERE "owner" = ?)', array($this->owner)) as $blockinstance) {
$whereobject = (object)array(
'view' => $blockinstance->view,
'artefact' => $this->get('id'),
'block' => $blockinstance->id,
ensure_record_exists('view_artefact', $whereobject, $whereobject);
class ArtefactTypeCoverletter extends ArtefactTypeResume {
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