Commit d8285e3e authored by Evan Giles's avatar Evan Giles Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug #1588091: Fix 'name display format' issue

When a user chooses the 'name_display_format' of studentid
- we get an error.

This change just populates the studentid field of the user


Change-Id: I1e6a84723863e49dd94b83cb115f26262e6d9750
parent c7b5f9fa
......@@ -1223,6 +1223,7 @@ function get_user_for_display($user=null) {
$fields = array(
'id', 'username', 'preferredname', 'firstname', 'lastname', 'admin', 'staff',
'profileicon', 'email', 'deleted', 'urlid', 'suspendedctime',
if (is_numeric($user) && isset($usercache[$user])) {
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