Commit db745514 authored by Peter Bulmer's avatar Peter Bulmer Committed by Kristina Hoeppner
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Bug 1702608: langfile fix: publically => publicly

behatnotneeded: Spelling fix

Change-Id: Ic99f0b4b563bee665d50d1b1cf24dcd4ecf589a0
parent d32b9ced
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ $string['viewsaddedtocollection1different'] = array(
'%s pages added to collection. The shared access has changed for all pages in the collection.',
$string['viewsaddedaccesschanged'] = 'Access permissions have changed for the following pages:';
$string['viewaddedsecreturl'] = 'Available publically via secret URL';
$string['viewaddedsecreturl'] = 'Available publicly via secret URL';
$string['viewcollection'] = 'View collection details';
$string['viewcount'] = 'Pages';
$string['viewremovedsuccessfully'] = 'Page removed successfully.';
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