Commit e2239966 authored by Hugh Davenport's avatar Hugh Davenport
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Change checkscript to only get current patch

This stops jenkins complaining about patches that current patch depends
on but haven't been submitted yet.

Change-Id: I38baa7ebc3c6997984878ca4d22112b1da89f1f1
Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <>
parent bf587cc6
......@@ -10,36 +10,11 @@ imageoptim:
find . -iname '*.jpg' -exec jpegoptim -q -p --strip-all {} \;
find . -iname '*.jpeg' -exec jpegoptim -q -p --strip-all {} \;
branch := $(GERRIT_REFSPEC)
ifeq (, $(branch))
branch := $(shell bash -c "git branch | grep \* | sed -e 's/ *\* *//'" )
upstream_remote := $(shell git remote -v | grep | grep fetch | awk '{ print $$1 }')
ifeq (, $(upstream_remote))
upstream_remote := origin
ifeq ("(no branch)", "$(branch)")
remote := $(upstream_remote)
remote := $(shell bash -c "git config --get branch.$(branch).remote" )
ifeq (".", "$(remote)")
remote := $(upstream_remote)
ifeq ("", "$(remote)")
remote := $(upstream_remote)
commitid := $(shell bash -c "git merge-base $(remote)/master HEAD")
@echo "Running minimum acceptance test..."
@find htdocs/ -type f -name "*.php" | xargs -n 1 -P 2 php -l > /dev/null && echo All good!
@find htdocs/ -type f -name "install.xml" -path "*/db/install.xml" | xargs -n 1 -P 2 xmllint --schema htdocs/lib/xmldb/xmldb.xsd --noout
@if git rev-parse --verify HEAD 2>/dev/null; then git diff-index -p -M --cached $(commitid) -- ; fi | test/
@if git rev-parse --verify HEAD 2>/dev/null; then git show HEAD ; fi | test/
push: minaccept
@echo "Pushing the change upstream..."
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