Commit e2adfdfb authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie Committed by Nigel McNie
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Handle timeouts on public pages better. Add the ability to put ?login in

the URL to draw a login form.
parent ef748769
......@@ -211,6 +211,17 @@ function auth_setup () {
// The session timed out
log_debug('session timed out');
// If the page the user is viewing is public, inform them that they can
// log in again
if (defined('PUBLIC')) {
// @todo this links to ?login - later it should do magic to make
// sure that whatever GET string is made it includes the old data
// correctly
$SESSION->add_info_msg(get_string('sessiontimedoutpublic'), false);
// The auth_draw_login_page function may authenticate a user if a login
// request was sent at the same time that the "timed out" message is to
......@@ -231,12 +242,12 @@ function auth_setup () {
// Check if the page is public or the site is configured to be public.
if (defined('PUBLIC')) {
if (defined('PUBLIC') && !isset($_GET['login'])) {
log_debug('user viewing public page');
log_debug('no session or old session, and page is private');
log_debug('no session or old session and page is private, or explicit login request');
auth_draw_login_page(null, $form);
......@@ -569,14 +580,12 @@ function login_submit($values) {
log_debug('this user authenticated but not in the usr table, adding them');
// @todo document what needs to be returned by get_user_info
$USER = call_static_method($authclass, 'get_user_info', $username);
insert_record('usr', $USER);
// @todo config form option for this for each external plugin. NOT for internal
else if (get_config_plugin('auth', $authtype, 'updateuserinfoonlogin')) {
log_debug('updating user info from auth method');
$USER = call_static_method($authclass, 'get_user_info', $username);
$where = new StdClass;
$where->username = $username;
$where->institution = $institution;
......@@ -589,7 +598,6 @@ function login_submit($values) {
else {
log_debug('getting user info from database');
$USER = get_record('usr', 'username', $username, null, null, null, null, '*, ' . db_format_tsfield('expiry'));
// Check if the user's account has expired
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ $string['home'] = 'Home';
$string['loggedouthome'] = 'Logged out Home';
$string['privacy'] = 'Privacy';
$string['sessiontimedout'] = 'Your session has timed out, please enter your login details to continue';
$string['sessiontimedoutpublic'] = 'Your session has timed out. You may <a href="?login">log in</a> to continue browsing';
$string['termsandconditions'] = 'Terms and conditions';
$string['uploadcopyright'] = 'Upload copyright';
$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
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