Commit e2d001a8 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Robert Lyon
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Remove unnecessary cached form from the session

Bug 1495200 & Bug 1496681

behatnotneeded: Well, we could test this, but it would
require a 60-second wait for the session to timeout (since
the least you can set the session timeout via the UI
is 1 minute)

Change-Id: Ia5c861c16b6c893ada9d5eb2111f0b6a9aee49ad
(cherry picked from commit aee374c0)
(cherry picked from commit 784dbf9d)
parent af751c16
......@@ -503,7 +503,6 @@ function auth_setup () {
// specify login data immediately
$form = new Pieform(auth_get_login_form());
$SESSION->loginform = $form;
if ($USER->is_logged_in()) {
......@@ -1941,9 +1940,6 @@ function auth_generate_login_form() {
if (!get_config('installed')) {
else if ($SESSION->loginform) {
return get_login_form_js($SESSION->loginform->build());
$elements = auth_get_login_form_elements();
$loginform = get_login_form_js(pieform(array(
'name' => 'login',
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