Commit e72166aa authored by Jono Mingard's avatar Jono Mingard Committed by Robert Lyon
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Respect the user's HTML editor setting in Feedback (Bug #1259373)

If TinyMCE is enabled/disabled in the site settings it should always be
enabled/disabled for Feedback. 

If TinyMCE is set to User-defined, it will only be enabled if the
logged-in user has enabled it in their user settings. This means it will
be disabled for anonymous users and people who've turned the HTML editor

Change-Id: I5565e69574c65296067f7883b2e66c50a8f15919
Signed-off-by: default avatarJono Mingard <>
parent fb012377
......@@ -3188,7 +3188,7 @@ function mahara_log($logname, $string) {
function is_html_editor_enabled () {
global $USER, $SESSION;
return ((!get_config('wysiwyg') && ($USER->get_account_preference('wysiwyg') || defined('PUBLIC'))) ||
return ((!get_config('wysiwyg') && $USER->get_account_preference('wysiwyg')) ||
get_config('wysiwyg') == 'enable') && $SESSION->get('handheld_device') == false;
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