Commit e9075aa3 authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon Committed by Aaron Wells
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Bug 1444182: Stop sending self notifications

Stop sending comment notifications to page owner when
page owner is the commentor


Change-Id: Ibfe80b7bb57855592e7d04cc653c649b7d08a148
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent c01b02cb
......@@ -1989,6 +1989,10 @@ class ActivityTypeArtefactCommentFeedback extends ActivityTypePlugin {
$author = $comment->get('author');
if ($author) {
$this->fromuser = $author;
// We don't need to send an email to the inbox of the author of the comment as we send one to their outbox
if (isset($this->users[$author])) {
foreach ($this->users as $key => $user) {
$authorname = empty($author) ? $comment->get('authorname') : display_name($author, $user);
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