Commit e98b14c0 authored by Lisa Seeto's avatar Lisa Seeto Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1840368: Create page via tags not inserting all tagged artefacts into DB

made the taggedblock dirty again so that it saves itself later with all DB references.

Change-Id: I60d340b9a1924a43186a0f0a41cb632342c80a7d
Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <>
(cherry picked from commit a8542d05)
parent b2bac26e
......@@ -760,6 +760,8 @@ function create_block($bt, $configdata, $view, $column, $blockinfo = null) {
if ($bt == 'taggedposts') {
$blocktypeclass::save_tag_selection($tagselect, $bi);
// Need to make the block save again now we have made the tag selections
$bi->set('dirty', true);
return $bi->get('id');
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