Commit ec525cff authored by Andrew Robert Nicols's avatar Andrew Robert Nicols Committed by Richard Mansfield
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Default Configuration options for VERP

Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Robert Nicols <>
parent 9b9b2a5c
......@@ -146,6 +146,30 @@ $cfg->sendemail = true;
// $cfg->smtpuser = '';
// $cfg->smtppass = '';
// Variable Envelope Return Path Handling
// If you want mahara to keep track of email addresses which generate a
// bounce, set bounces_handle to true.
// If set to true, $cfg->bouncedomain *must* be set.
$cfg->bounces_handle = false;
// Rather than disable an email address on the first bounce message,
// require bounces_min bounces.
$cfg->bounces_min = 5;
// Require at least (bounces_ratio*100)% of sent mail to be bounced back
// before disabling mail for that user.
// e.g. If using the default bounces_ratio of 0.20 and 20 mails are sent to
// a user, at least 4 must be returned before email is disabled.
$cfg->bounces_ratio = 0.20;
// Identity of the Mahara instance
// This prefix must be four characters.
// If you have several Mahara, Moodle, or other VERP processors on the same
// bounce domain, you need to keep track of which processor belongs to
// which domain.
$cfg->bounceprefix = 'AAA-';
// The domainpart of the generated VERP domain. e.g.
// <localpart>@$cfg->bouncedomain
// This must be set for VERP handling to take effect
//$cfg->bouncedomain = '';
// maximum allowed size of uploaded images
// NOTE: the scalable resize might result in images with one dimesion larger than one of these sizes, but not both
$cfg->imagemaxwidth = 1024;
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