Commit f2475f0e authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Bug 1844742 Deleting wallpost confirm screen yes button missing styles"

parents bf4e742f f40a3664
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ $form = pieform(array(
'submit' => array(
'type' => 'submitcancel',
'class' => 'btn-secondary button',
'value' => array(get_string('yes'), get_string('no')),
'goto' => $goto,
<div id="wall" class="wall">
{if $wallmessage}
<div class="lead text-small text-center">{$wallmessage}</div>
<div class="card-body lead text-small text-center">{$wallmessage}</div>
{if $wallposts}
{foreach from=$wallposts item=wallpost}
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