Commit f27c7a2f authored by Matthew Kolb's avatar Matthew Kolb
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Make Group name clickable in admin interface per bug #1030062

Change-Id: I39bde5caee581f96f70ef9886470186591c796ef
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Kolb <>
parent a18a7c52
......@@ -1479,6 +1479,7 @@ function build_grouplist_html($query, $limit, $offset, &$count=null) {
if (get_config('allowgroupcategories')) {
$group->categorytitle = ($group->category) ? get_field('group_category', 'title', 'id', $group->category) : '';
$group->homepage_url = group_homepage_url($group);
$smarty = smarty_core();
{foreach from=$groups item=group}
<tr class="{cycle values='r0,r1'}">
<td><a href="{$group->homepage_url}">{$group->name}</a></td>
<td class="center">{$group->members}</td>
<td class="center">{$group->admins}</td>
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