Commit f3b2d7fc authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Theme tidyups for the resume export.

It's still really basic, but at least now it doesn't look stupid when a user hasn't filled out most of their resume.
parent da49cc10
{include file="export:html:header.tpl"} {include file="export:html:header.tpl"}
{if $coverletter}
<h2>{str tag=coverletter section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=coverletter section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$coverletter} {$coverletter}
{if $interest}
<h2>{str tag=interest section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=interest section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$interest} {$interest}
{if $coverletter || $interest}<hr>{/if}
{if $contactinformation}
<div id="contactinformation">
<h2>{str tag=contactinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=contactinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$contactinformation} {$contactinformation}
{if $personalinformation}
<div id="personalinformation">
<h2>{str tag=personalinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=personalinformation section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$personalinformation} {$personalinformation}
{if $contactinformation || $personalinformation}<hr>{/if}
<div id="composites">
{if $employmenthistory}
<h2>{str tag=employmenthistory section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=employmenthistory section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$employmenthistory} {$employmenthistory}
{if $educationhistory}
<h2>{str tag=educationhistory section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=educationhistory section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$educationhistory} {$educationhistory}
{if $certification}
<h2>{str tag=certification section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=certification section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$certification} {$certification}
{if $book}
<h2>{str tag=book section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=book section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$book} {$book}
{if $membership}
<h2>{str tag=membership section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=membership section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{$membership} {$membership}
{if $employmenthistory || $educationhistory || $certification || $book || $membership}<hr>{/if}
{if $personalgoal || $academicgoal || $careergoal}
<h2>{str tag=myskills section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=myskills section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{if $personalgoal}
<h3>{str tag=personalgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=personalgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$personalgoal} {$personalgoal}
{if $academicgoal}
<h3>{str tag=academicgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=academicgoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$academicgoal} {$academicgoal}
{if $careergoal}
<h3>{str tag=careergoal section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=careergoal section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$careergoal} {$careergoal}
{if $personalskill || $academicskill || $workskill}
<h2>{str tag=mygoals section=artefact.resume}</h2> <h2>{str tag=mygoals section=artefact.resume}</h2>
{if $personalskill}
<h3>{str tag=personalskill section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=personalskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$personalskill} {$personalskill}
{if $academicskill}
<h3>{str tag=academicskill section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=academicskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$academicskill} {$academicskill}
{if $workskill}
<h3>{str tag=workskill section=artefact.resume}</h3> <h3>{str tag=workskill section=artefact.resume}</h3>
{$workskill} {$workskill}
{include file="export:html:footer.tpl"} {include file="export:html:footer.tpl"}
* CSS rules for resume artefact plugin HTML export
* Copyright (C) 2009 Catalyst IT
* This file is licensed under the same terms as Mahara itself
h2 {
margin: 1em 0 0.25em 0;
th {
text-align: right;
vertical-align: top;
width: 12em;
padding: 0 .25em .5em 0;
td {
vertical-align: top;
padding: 0;
hr {
height: 0;
border: none;
border-top: 1px dotted #d2d2d2;
width: 80%;
clear: both;
#personalinformation {
width: 50%;
float: left;
#contactinformation h2,
#personalinformation h2 {
margin-left: 6em;
#composites {
margin: 0 auto;
#composites h2 {
text-align: center;
#composites table {
min-width: 70%;
margin: 0 auto;
#composites th {
text-align: left;
#composites .jstitle {
font-weight: bold;
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