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<h3><strong>My Files</strong></h3>
<p>Your Files area is a repository for Folders and Files to use within your portfolio.&nbsp; Both Folders and Files are considered Artefacts and both may be added to a View.</p>
<p>You may create any number of Folders and Sub-Folders.&nbsp; To view which Sub-Folders and Files sit within a Folder, click on the Folder name .&nbsp; Click on a File name to open the document or image.&nbsp; Use the Home link to return to the top level folder directory.</p>
<p>If you upload a File that is of an identified image type, it will be flagged as such and additional display options will apply to it within a View.</p>
<p>The number of Files you may upload into your Files area is dependant on your set file storage limit which is displayed in the Quota box on the right of the screen. </p>
<p>For security reasons your Site Administrator may restrict some file (MIME) types from being uploaded to the system. </p>
<p>You will find that some Folders are automatically created by the system such as &lsquo;blogfiles&rsquo;.&nbsp; This Folder includes Files that are uploaded via a Blog posting. &nbsp;Deleting a File here will remove it from your Blog posting.</p>
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