Commit f54c6c61 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Removing some language strings no longer needed, to do with watchlist

parent ef314f34
......@@ -72,15 +72,13 @@ $string['newcontactusfrom'] = 'New contact us from';
$string['newcontactus'] = 'New contact us';
$string['newfeedbackonview'] = 'New feedback on view';
$string['newfeedbackonartefact'] = 'New feedback on artefact';
$string['watchlistmessageview'] = 'Activity on watchlist (View)';
$string['watchlistmessageartefact'] = 'Activity on watchlist (Artefact)';
$string['watchlistmessagegroup'] = 'Activity on watchlist (Group)';
$string['newviewmessage'] = 'has created a view called "%s" and has granted you access to it.';
$string['newviewsubject'] = 'New view created';
$string['newviewaccessmessage'] = 'You have been added to the access list for the view called';
$string['newviewaccesssubject'] = 'New view access';
$string['viewmodified'] = 'has changed their view';
$string['onview'] = 'on View';
$string['onartefact'] = 'on Artefact';
$string['ongroup'] = 'on Group';
......@@ -95,9 +93,4 @@ $string['removedgroupmembersubj'] = '%s is no longer a group member';
$string['addtowatchlist'] = 'Add to watchlist';
$string['removefromwatchlist'] = 'Remove from watchlist';
$string['removedgroupfromwatchlist'] = 'The group has been removed from your watchlist';
$string['addedgrouptowatchlist'] = 'The group was added to your watchlist';
$string['andchildren'] = 'Children are also being monitored'
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