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New auth factory to take an auth ID, find its class, and return an

instantiated object for it
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......@@ -714,6 +714,40 @@ else {
* Class to build and cache instances of auth objects
class AuthFactory {
static $authcache = array();
* Take an instanceid and create an auth object for that instance.
* @param int $id The id of the auth instance
* @return mixed An intialised auth object or false, if the
* instance doesn't exist (Should never happen)
public static function create($id) {
if (isset(self::$authcache[$id]) && is_object(self::$authcache[$id])) {
return self::$authcache[$id];
$authinstance = get_record('auth_instance', 'id', $id, null, null, null, null, 'authname');
if (!empty($authinstance)) {
$authclassname = 'Auth' . ucfirst($authinstance->authname);
safe_require('auth', $authinstance->authname);
self::$authcache[$id] = new $authclassname($id);
return self::$authcache[$id];
return false;
* Called when the login form is submittd. Validates the user and password, and
* if they are valid, starts a new session for the user.
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