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Bug 1883189 - broken help icon content on Portfolio completion.

The field in question was not present in 19.10.

There was another help file with the heading "Portfolio completion" and
reading that it makes sense in this context. This file was copied into
the expected location.


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parent 8c77474d
<!-- @license GNU GPL version 3 or later -->
<!-- @copyright For copyright information on Mahara, please see the README file distributed with this software. -->
<h1>Portfolio completion</h1>
<p>This is an overview of all the pages within this collection. It shows you which pages have been signed off by the portfolio author, and which pages are still awaiting verification.</p>
<p>The progress bar shows the overall completeness until the portfolio is ready for the final review.</p>
<p>Only portfolio authors can sign off pages. This can be done here on this overview page or on the individual pages that require sign-off.</p>
<p>People with the 'Manager' access role for this portfolio can verify pages.</p>
<p>A verification can only be revoked by the portfolio author when they revoke sign-off for the page.</p>
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