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Bug #1765276: Changed comments in sub theme starter to make creating a new theme



Change-Id: I4cf30016b8b43704e228ee296ae1bafbe2d9538a
parent 597fdaac
......@@ -24,7 +24,8 @@
// @import "utilities/index";
// If your parent theme is a subtheme for example, Modern, Default, Primaryschool
// Please include these lines
// Please include these lines. If you are compiling SCSS with gulp, you'll need to
// restart it.
// @import "../../<your parent theme name>/sass/utilities/custom-variables";
// @import "../../<your parent theme name>/sass/utilities/index";
// @import "../../<your parent theme name>/sass/custom";
......@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ $theme = new stdClass();
$theme->displayname = 'Sub Theme Starter kit';
/* Set parent to boolean FALSE to specify the theme has no parent */
/* If your parent theme is a subtheme, for example Modern, Default, Ocean, or Primaryschool,
you will need to uncomment the import lines with the path "../../<your parent theme name>/sass
in sass/style.scss and change the value <your parent theme name> to the folder name of the
subtheme that you use as basis. */
$theme->parent = 'raw';
/* If we are using normal CSS, this should be false. If we are using SASS, it should be true. */
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