Commit fe7a6f22 authored by Evan Goldenberg's avatar Evan Goldenberg Committed by Richard Mansfield
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don't blindly focus the first wysiwyg editor on the page

A wysiwyg editor is not always the first form element, so always
focusing the first wysiwyg editor on the page makes little sense. Also,
this fixes an earlier issue where certain browsers were attempting to
focus the wysiwyg editor before the page was fully loaded, causing
javascript errors.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEvan Goldenberg <>
parent 09997ec4
...@@ -166,13 +166,6 @@ tinyMCE.init({ ...@@ -166,13 +166,6 @@ tinyMCE.init({
directionality: "{$tinymce_langdir}", directionality: "{$tinymce_langdir}",
content_css : {$content_css}, content_css : {$content_css},
//document_base_url: {$jswwwroot}, //document_base_url: {$jswwwroot},
setup: function(ed) {
if (typeof focusEditor!="undefined" && focusEditor && == focusEditor) {
ed.onInit.add(function(ed) {
remove_script_host: false, remove_script_host: false,
relative_urls: false relative_urls: false
}); });
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