Commit ff5b7d8c authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1582967: Make "Delete Comment" form IDs unique

Change-Id: I4a217eda8ae6ec9691541cc38c3efd3538aa2c0b
behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
parent d879f296
......@@ -1009,7 +1009,8 @@ class ArtefactTypeComment extends ArtefactType {
public static function delete_comment_form($id) {
global $THEME;
return array(
'name' => 'delete_comment',
'name' => 'delete_comment' . $id,
'successcallback' => 'delete_comment_submit',
'renderer' => 'div',
'class' => 'form-as-button pull-left delete-comment btn-group-item',
'elements' => array(
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