1. 14 Sep, 2015 5 commits
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      Minor style fixes part 1 (20150914) - bug 1465107 · 0ade348b
      Pat Kira authored
      behatnotneeded: styling only
      Change-Id: Ibadcdea5de4fdeceb4a73f7e9dc19d91aeaa9481
    • Liam Sharpe's avatar
      Removed the extra space on the Résumé page goals and skills - Bug #1465107 · 7bf7c1d3
      Liam Sharpe authored
      Change-Id: I850b039febb7e67aadb3de5476541d679c950144
    • Jen Zajac's avatar
      Fix edit page removal of new block · a28956f7
      Jen Zajac authored
        The dock's close button doesn't have the id in it
        needed to remove new (unsaved) blocks.
        This fix passes the block id in, so the new block
        can be cleaned up when a user changes their mind
        and removes it before saving.
        To test: add a new text block to a page, click the
        X icon in the top left of the dock, and observe
        that the new text block is removed from the page.
        The delete buttons next to each on page item, and
        the cancel button within the dock, should both
        still function as before.
        Bug 1465107
      Change-Id: I81f3b43acce9203b8ada9b3f7ac9b6cacb80768c
    • Pat Kira's avatar
      IE9 fixes (BUG 1465107) · 038b52dd
      Pat Kira authored
      Add blessCSS
      behatnotneeded - styling only
      Change-Id: I4019ccca069dba999a3457fda7f51d540af11264
    • Pat Kira's avatar
      Amend text colour class names · 5a0aba99
      Pat Kira authored
      Task no: 23515
      Modify subthemestarter to inherit these value properly
      behatnotneeded: Styling only
      Change-Id: I61e1d976e4075eadad5d206820b219fdff3a7545
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