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    • Jono Mingard's avatar
      Collection title overrides page title (Bug 896890) · 08104a1a
      Jono Mingard authored
      Changes htdocs/view/view.php
      If a page is in a collection with tabbed navigation, the
      collection title only is displayed. If a page is in a
      collection without tabbed navigation OR not in a collection
      at all, only the title of the page is displayed.
      The author has been removed from the page header (title
      used to be "PageTitle by Author" but is now just "PageTitle")
      (This includes editing a page)
      It will be added back with my fix for Bug 897057.
      The title is also no longer a link as without small headers
      it used to act as a link to the current page.
      Note: The $title variable is now global and is set only once
      (rather than twice within two if statements).
      Change-Id: I36fa6945862d57c8e3767828e1a6c4bd6a1e3a94
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJono Mingard <reason.koan@gmail.com>
  4. 24 Aug, 2011 1 commit
    • Francois Marier's avatar
      Enable sharing options on profile page · 85986e6c
      Francois Marier authored
      Part of bug #807278
      Profile page now behaves more like a normal page/view, with the
      following exceptions:
      - Not removable
      - Title, description and tags not editable
      - No advanced sharing options
      - Cannot be part of a collection
      - Not available in bulk access update options
      Change-Id: Ia42cdaee7978fe2e737a89cd79b043feb02ceb0d
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEugene Venter <eugene@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Evan Goldenberg's avatar
      add a dashboard view to the index page for logged in users · d3713154
      Evan Goldenberg authored
      Also included is an inbox blocktype for dashboard views which shows the
      user's most recent notifications. Multiple instances of this block can
      be present in a dashboard view, and the message types displayed in each
      can be configured.
      A default dashboard view is installed for each user the next time they
      log in. Additionally, since the profile view is now shown in the view
      list, it is installed on login, rather than when the profile is first
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    • Andrew Robert Nicols's avatar
      Improvements to per-institution theme selection · 01c43b82
      Andrew Robert Nicols authored
      To allow an institution to have multiple themes available to it, this
      change introduces a check on an optional theme parameter
      $theme->institution. Only themes where $theme->institution matches the name
      of the institution given, or where the value is not set are returned.
      This change allows for multiple themes to be made available to an
      The following behaviours should be seen:
      * admin/users/institutions.php now only shows themes which are sitewide, or
        intended for the specified institution;
      * admin/site/options.php shows all themes on the system (not just sitewide
        themes); and
      * view/blocks.php lists all themes for all institutions a user belongs to,
        plus sitewide themes. This changes the behaviour introduced in
       which restricted available view
        themes to the currently set themes of each institution. However, I feel
        that this change offers more possibilities as institutions will be able
        to have a series of themes available for views; in addition to their
        primary Mahara theme.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Robert Nicols <andrew.nicols@luns.net.uk>
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