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      Implement proper single singout. Fixes #684. E_RAGEQUIT! · c3b73409
      Nigel McNie authored
      When an MNET user in Mahara clicks a logout link, they are logged out of Mahara, a kill_parent request is sent to the remote application, and they are sent back to their remote application. The overall affect is a much nicer user experience, as they're taken back somewhere that they can log in.
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      Put the ID of the authinstance that was used in the session for MNET users.... · e8c5b56e
      Nigel McNie authored
      Put the ID of the authinstance that was used in the session for MNET users. Unset all MNET related variables in the session when logging out.
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      Add a link to the profile sideblock that says where you came from if you're an... · 3623da12
      Nigel McNie authored
      Add a link to the profile sideblock that says where you came from if you're an MNET user, and gives you the ability to jump back there.
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      Add an option - usersuniquebyusername - that allows users from multiple... · 396c6dce
      Nigel McNie authored
      Add an option - usersuniquebyusername - that allows users from multiple institutions to SSO in to one Mahara account. Tentative fix for #2243.
      If this option is turned on (only in config.php), then when users SSO in from any XMLRPC authentication instance, they will be considered the same user if they have the same username. This differs from current behaviour, in that if the users' authinstances are different then they are considered different users.
      If this option is turned on, no institution in the system is allowed to have self registration turned on. Also, users must be able to belong to multiple institutions.
      This option added thanks to Howard Miller/Glasgow University.
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      Improvements to authentication plugins: · c78bac3b
      Nigel McNie authored
       * Give authentication plugins titles and descriptions, which are used by the authlist pieform element so people see an easier name
       * Add a new API method to the PluginAuth class, is_usable(). This can be used by auth plugins to check that required extensions are available. The authlist element will tell the user what they need to do to enable a plugin.
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      Lets authentication plugins trigger the creation of users if the plugin can authenticate them. · f782dbf9
      Nigel McNie authored
      If an authentication plugin thinks that a user should be able to log in, and furthermore thinks that it is able/allowed to automatically create user accounts, then it is now able to do just that. The authentication API now has a new method - can_auto_create_users() - to define whether each authentication instance feels it can/should be able to do this.
      If the instance thinks it can, it needs to export some information through the get_user_info method in order to populate the user account. Although this may change shortly to be optional, with the users instead being forced to enter any information that is required that they haven't otherwise filled out.
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