1. 10 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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      "Display mode" on goals, skills, & interests pages (bug #869658) · 3282ebbf
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Instead of displaying content inside the editors on these pages,
      it is useful if the user can see the html content as it would be
      displayed to someone else.  The default on these pages is now to
      display the various resume fields as html, with an edit button
      beside each field to open up the editor.
      Also combines some code to create & submit several similar resume
      forms into functions in artefact/resume/lib.php
      Change-Id: I649d7788a7e70dfd5dd3eb1ce648f37a7c057aa0
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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  3. 05 Oct, 2011 4 commits
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      Merge changes... · 9b48e8c4
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Merge changes I308cf44f,I21f8636e,I5214c5b0,I81b44928,I8725e566,I3ec7d13d,I3ec49f59,Ia1611a6a,I3f8a15de,I7e5e5ff8,Id2ef0453
      * changes:
        Allow update of group note permissions (bug #736665)
        Show artefact owner when selecting html artefacts (bug #736665)
        When configuring a read-only textbox, allow copying (bug #736665)
        Display textbox notes as read-only in config form (bug #736665)
        Return sanitised copy of description from artefactchooser (bug #736665)
        Get editable status along with artefactchooser artefacts (bug #736665)
        Stop users from editing note text in the wrong context (bug #736665)
        Allow editing of a textbox block when artefact not found (bug #736665)
        User can_publish_artefact method too restrictive (bug #865911)
        Use artefact method to get user's edit/publish permissions
        Allow use of group_user_access when logged out
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      Allow update of group note permissions (bug #736665) · ee14f8f5
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Previously the only group artefacts were files, and group file permissions
      can be updated within the filebrowser elements.  Now that there are group
      notes, the permissions need to be able to be modified.  Done as a pieform
      element in case other group artefact types are added in future.
      Change-Id: I308cf44f95d29a4d13722726c9f007e248ee81fe
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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