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      Prevent new users from taking spammy actions · 7b08f438
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1252101
      1. New users get 2 "new user points" on their user record
      2. While they have these, they're on probation and can't post
      links in public places, or make public pages.
      3. "new user points" are decreased each time a non-probationary
      user responds to a forum post by the user
      4. Admins & Staff are automatically non-probationary
      Change-Id: Ibccd2e330945f66b07aac062c4f51b67a0c0dba2
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      Replace obsolete TinyMCE GoogleSpell with in-browser spellcheck as default · 75797883
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1212541: The web service the TinyMCE GoogleSpell code was using,
      is no longer in existence. This patch changes things so that TinyMCE will
      let the browser's spellchecker work, by default.
      The "pathtoaspell" is now null by default. If pathtoaspell is null, we
      eliminate the TinyMCE spellcheck button and set the "gecko_spellcheck"
      flag to let the browser spellcheck work. If pathtoaspell is not null,
      we show the TinyMCE spellcheck button as before.
      Change-Id: I9fd2b12169669d3d9705a1e23dc6c03af6f01948
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      Silence most E_STRICT errors · 8d17e071
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1268746: In PHP 5.4 E_ALL changed to include E_STRICT, causing Mahara to throw
      a lot of strict standards errors. This should silence most of them.
      HOWEVER, because most strict standards happen at compile-time, this will have no
      effect on strict standards errors caused in the files that have already been
      loaded by the time we call error_reporting() and set_error_handler(), which includes:
       - The file invoked directly by the URL
       - init.php
       - errors.php
       - config.php
       - config-defaults.php
      Change-Id: I7a7fdf7facb1f30e186a0e8a27f1c3b7473200da
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      Updating $cfg->productionmode description · 2d0a6ccd
      Aaron Wells authored
      Change-Id: Ic4cf6ce503c340c4f2833e5b6b81d7271b0edafe
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      Allow a $cfg->bounces_ratio of 0 · 044a5f39
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1261233: If you set the ratio to 0, you'll bounce someone
      as soon as they hit bounces_min, regardless of what the sent/bounced
      ratio is
      Change-Id: Ibe8223054fa70ea27748d78b099afa079be7f900
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      Allow users to choose institution themes for browsing if in multiple · 7cf320bc
      Son Nguyen authored
      institutions (Bug #793308)
      - Add a help file to explain the user setting: 'Theme'
      - By default, users can choose one of their institution's themes as
      their prefered theme.
      - if site admins set $cfg->sitethemeprefs = true in config.php,
      users can ALSO choose standard site's themes as preferred theme for
      browsing the site.
      - remove the option 'No theme selected'
      - sort the themes in alphabetical order
      Change-Id: I6f144747338e88eb1f90c79f0f7934449fe0ab63
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSon Nguyen <son.nguyen@catalyst.net.nz>
  27. 06 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      Add cron job to poll an imap mailbox for bounces · ed5e91ab
      Hugh Davenport authored
      Bug #993018
      Checks an imap mailbox, assumes that you have set up a
      seperate mailbox for recieving the mailbounces.
      To enable this change, the php imap extension must be loaded
      This uses 9b9b2a5c for the
      mail bounce checking. It also adds a few extra config.php
      settings that need to be set for this cronjob to work.
      The config settings that need to be set are:
      $cfg->bounces_handle = true
      There are also some other options shown in lib/config-defaults.php
      for power users.
      By default, email will only be disabled when more than 4 bounces
      have been received, and the ratio between bounces and emails sent
      to the user is above 0.2
      Change-Id: I0bbc4cae26fd5284e4cbdc25b01ea4b566dd045a
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Add config option to allow users to change their theme · e250631d
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Part of bug #793308
      Adds a config.php option which lets users change their theme (for
      browsing) via a drop-down on the Settings page.  The allowed themes
      are the same set accessible to the user when the viewthemes option is
      availiable.  Any theme which is restricted to one or more institutions
      in its themeconfig.php file is not available in the drop-down unless
      the user is a member of one of those institutions.
      Change-Id: If6a7db9a4c160e16b38d22a074c128777968c4ca
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Admin page to manage SafeIframe sites (bug #971282) · f3182dd6
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Adds a new page for Site admins to manage the list of sites for which
      iframes are allowed by htmlpurifier.  Whenever an item is added,
      edited, or deleted, the regex used by HTMLPurifier is updated.  Sites
      are identified by favicon, and by a string entered by the Admin to be
      used as the alt/title text for the favicon image.  The source of the
      favicon image can be modified in config.php, but the google service is
      used by default.
      Change-Id: I4117de82691a002bf250ea71622eccfad4d5f8df
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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