1. 16 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      Bug 1749836: Show 'Deleted user' author without link on Legal admin page · 4baadd23
      Robert Lyon authored
      Change-Id: Ic3dd651ba70d0583b02fbbf7507ad8afca4761ed
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Bug 1734178: allow user to delete own account · 9837f182
      Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      added settings
      - institution level: reviewselfdeletion
          0 if the institution does not require approval
            from an admin to delete an account
          1 if the institution requires an admin to approve
            account deletion requests from users
          if not set, it takes the value from the site's
      - site level: defaultreviewselfdeletion
        (Site options->User Settings -> Review account before self-deletion)
          1 if the site's default is requiring approval
          null otherwise
      Account deletion by a user
      when a user accesses to the account settings, a
      'Delete account' button is displayed.
      This will:
      - If the user belongs to an institution that requires
        approval (or does not have the settings but the site
        requires approval by default)
          then a notification will be sent to the admins
          of the institutions that require approval that
          the user belongs to
      - if the user belongs to institutions and none of them
        require approval (or does not have the setting
        but the site does not require approval by default)
          then the account is deleted
      - if the user does not belong to any institution
          then the action will depend on the setting of
          the 'mahara' institution or sites default if
          'mahara' doesn't have the setting
      Approval by institution admins
      An institution admin can see the pending deletion
      requests in Admin menu-> Institution -> Pending deletions
      After approving/denying a request, the user
      that requested the account deletion will receive
      a notification
      Change-Id: I4ccd9c798cab065ec557eaddf7dfc3a51920b6d0
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      Bug 1703751- Check notification options · afaf0bd8
      Niranjan Bandi authored
      - combined notification_choices.feature into this test
      - Changed feature text
      - Removed And I should see steps from notification_setting_order.feature
      - Deleted notification_setting_order.feature
      - Added steps after saving the settings
      - Renamed the file to notification_settings.feature
      Change-Id: Id20a2c3407e44b35c16932d570ba7f597365f6b4
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      Merge changes from topic 'GDPR' · 0c4434ee
      Robert Lyon authored
      * changes:
        Bug 1746259: Display the T&C on 'Configure site'->'Legal' page
        Bug 1746259: Move the T&C to the site_content_version table
        Bug 1746259: Add the T&C to the site_content_version table
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