1. 20 May, 2010 2 commits
  2. 19 May, 2010 1 commit
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      pear/Image/Color: relicense the file under LGPL 2.1 or later · 40a877c4
      Francois Marier authored
      Both upstream authors agreed to the license change.
      From Jason Lotito <jasonlotito@gmail.com>:
        "Any code I contributed can be released under the LGPL 2.1, or later,
        as needed to make it compatible with Image_Graph and Image_Canvas.
      and from Andrew Morton <drewish@katherinehouse.com>:
        "Sounds like Jason's on board and since he's contributed the majority
        of code, I'd be happy to relicense any code I contributed to the
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFrancois Marier <francois@catalyst.net.nz>
  3. 17 Mar, 2010 1 commit