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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Bug 1483963 - Better reporting on login activity · 19af23b2
      Robert Lyon authored
      Added a tab 'Logins' to site statistics page that contains
      how many total logins for an institution and also how many unique
      users have logged in during a certain time period - defaults to
      previous calendar month
      One can get different results by adjusting the url like so
      if needing to get a different time period
      On upgrade it populates the usr_login_data table with the current
      lastlogin time for non-deleted users
      Currently usr_login_data only records user id and ctime (for login
      time) but one could also add more columns tothe table if needing to
      record something that happens once per successful login.
      Change-Id: If59b207356894eaced7b9977b80d539a28cb7e56
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Clear secreturl access cookies on logout · 9bceca2b
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1385564: This doesn't provide much additional security, because if
      the access cookies are still in your browser session, then the secret URL
      itself is probably still in your browser history. But if someone goes to
      the trouble of logging out *and* clearing their browser history, this
      will ensure that it actually does end the secreturl access cookie like
      they'd expect.
      Change-Id: Ia75f58015ab2cb54c9184cdc8b5bf32dfe543733
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      The archiving of submitted pages/collections from groups (Bug #1335670) · 5c57b565
      Robert Lyon authored
      This patch contains:
      - The export queue system where pages/collections on release from
      submission are added to the export queue table ready to be archived.
      - The export queue admin page showing what is in the queue to be
      exported. The cron runs every 6 minutes. Queue items failed to export
      are also shown here.
      - The archive list admin page, where one can download the generated
      leap2a files for the archived submissions.
      In this patch you should be able to add things to the export queue by
      either releasing a sumbission on a group that has 'archive
      submissions' option ticked. This will add the archive to that archived
      submission page, or you can also run a leap2a export from portfolio
      export which will add the export queue and send you an email once the
      export is done.
      Things to note:
      - The is a server busy function that stops the export queue from
      running but I'm not too sure if the threshold is too low/high
      - The export queue tries to export the first 100 items each run but if
      resources are fine in handling that easily then the number could be
      higher but I'm not sure of what will be a good number.
      - Currently there is alsoe infrastructure like table columns for dealing
      with releasing submissions from external systems (eg moodle) but that
      functuionality is yet to be built.
      - The checking of server busy in MS windows untested - may need to
      just let MS ignore server busy check as there doesn't seem to be
      standard way to check this.
      Change-Id: If4c1d272e9c5d46fbf16b2ff73ceb2687c06ffd4
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Yuliya Bozhko's avatar
      Some artefact refactoring (Bug #1298646) · 3ba72d71
      Yuliya Bozhko authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Fixes in this patch:
      - Moved artefact.php to artefacts directory to separate it from pages.
      - Fixed reference to a wrong 'artefactonlyviewableinview' string.
      - Removed add_to_render_path() and its calls which have no purpose at all.
      - Removed 'artefact_parent_cache' table.
      - Removed cron jobs related to 'artefact_parent_cache' from DB.
      - Added 'path' column in 'artefact' table to easier calculate hierarchy.
      - Added ArtefactTest.php for artefacts unit tests
      Change-Id: Ia14cd85b94c32a950354446ee3565bd2964c625c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYuliya Bozhko <yuliya.bozhko@totaralms.com>
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    • Nathan Lewis's avatar
      Improvements to notification system (Bug #1299993) · 63e0484d
      Nathan Lewis authored
      - Each activity type can specify a default notification method. They default
        to 'email' to remain backwards compatible.
      - Each activity type can specify if it is allowed to be set to 'none'. Defaults
        to 'allowed' for backwards compatibility.
      - Removed 'required' from notification settings - it didn't make sense, and the
        change above deals with this in a better way.
      - The site wide defaults for each activity type can be edited in
        Site options -> Notification settings. These are applied to new users or
        whenever a user does not have the appropriate usr_activity_preference records.
      - Removed 'Default notification method' as it's functionality is now covered by
        the change above.
      - There is a separate help next to each activity type to explain what messages
        will be affected by the setting.
      Change-Id: I131cdeefbeaa8e43688aefd9d770fc8cb9bceea8
      Signed-off-by: default avatarNathan Lewis <nathan.lewis@totaralms.com>
  18. 25 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Prevent new users from taking spammy actions · 7b08f438
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1252101
      1. New users get 2 "new user points" on their user record
      2. While they have these, they're on probation and can't post
      links in public places, or make public pages.
      3. "new user points" are decreased each time a non-probationary
      user responds to a forum post by the user
      4. Admins & Staff are automatically non-probationary
      Change-Id: Ibccd2e330945f66b07aac062c4f51b67a0c0dba2
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Allow site_content to be institution specific (bug #1254299) · d268d11b
      Robert Lyon authored
      Changes include:
      - added an institution column to the site_content table
      - added an 'Edit site pages' page under Admin -> Institutions
      that is accessibe by institution admins
      - added an 'institution' option to the edit site pages form - this is
      a hidden field if user can edit only one institution.
      On upgrade it updates the site_content table to give current data the
      institution on 'mahara' (incl. local site pages) and for each
      institution it replicates the data already in the db for the default site (excl.
      local site pages) so that every site has their own versions, which can
      be adjusted as one sees fit.
      On creation of new institution it creates the rows in site_content
      table but with the default strings (like what you see when you first
      install a mahara) but sets the sitepages column in institution table
      to default (mahara). On deletion of institution it removes the rows in
      A user on login sees the institution site page based on what
      institution theme they see.
      On logout the 'lastinstitution' cookie is set allowing for them to see
      institution specific site pages.
      The 'No institution' (mahara) site pages can only be edited through
      Configure site -> Edit site pages.
      Also allow for an institution site page to be viewed if 'institution'
      variable is passed to it eg terms.php?institution=testing allowing for
      another way to access info when logged out.
      Change-Id: I2ed30b63c15bf676d83eb2231f48c4ca23ce8b53
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
  23. 13 Jan, 2014 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Decoupling "copy to new users" settings from other settings · 5580903d
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1267633: Currently the settings for forcing a page to be copied
      to new users, new groups, and new institution members, are only available
      if the page is set to be copyable and is viewable to logged-in users.
      But logically there's no reason to link those settings together.
      Change-Id: I68b4579d891a56e617a04947664d01d59e620bdf
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Make the custom authloginmsg a little bit more noticeable · a9f8ad0d
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1248318
      Changing it from an info message to an error message (since the documentation
      already calls it the "Login error message". And putting it up above the login
      form instead of below.
      Change-Id: I2e4906ef6010c447e5f9a00fe06bd5249020f11a
  27. 05 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Allowing for SESSION messages to have render position (bug #1248318) · c1be6b9d
      Robert Lyon authored
      - the add_ok_msg, add_error_msg, and add_info_msg functions now take a
      'placement' parameter. When set it will only display the message at that
      location. Defaults to 'messages', the current place they are displayed.
      $SESSION->add_ok_msg('hello world!', false, 'loginbox');
      - to get the message to display at new location one needs to add to
      the relevant template
       {dynamic}{insert_messages placement=[placement]}{/dynamic}
      where [placement] = the placement parameter you are after
       {dynamic}{insert_messages placement='loginbox'}{/dynamic}
      Change-Id: I202d7e3e8d86ca1c74c4488f30e6c25686ac32e0
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Hugh Davenport's avatar
      Fix permissions of group area (Bug #1034180) · 1172c2a6
      Hugh Davenport authored
      A user should not be able to view/publish an artefact if
      - they don't have view/publish permission of that artefact
      - they don't have view permission of all parents of that artefact
      A user should not be able to edit an artefact if
      - they don't have edit permission of that artefact
      - they don't have edit permission of the immediate parent of that artefact
      - they don't have view permission of any parents below the immediate
      This is similar to the UNIX permissions, you shouldn't be able to view
      a directory unless all directories below have read (r) and executeable (x)
      bits set. The same for editing, you need write (w) permissions of the
      immediate parent, and rx for all parents.
      In Mahara, there are no executeable bits, but it can be assumed
      that view is basically the same as rw for container artefacts, and the same
      as r for non container artefacts.
      Change-Id: I4f84aca05dd08d02b05fbe084e4724f78c8681a0
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Merging flexible layouts + artefact chooser panel + new UI changes · 8b34dc82
      Robert Lyon authored
      - Bugs #1201258, #1181010, #1199563
      As these are all integrated together it is easier to test them as
      one patchset.
      Change-Id: I5ce68a4ea2de1de8b9deeb7d95380fcdcae095a0
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
  31. 07 Sep, 2012 1 commit
    • Son Nguyen's avatar
      Allow users to choose institution themes for browsing if in multiple · 7cf320bc
      Son Nguyen authored
      institutions (Bug #793308)
      - Add a help file to explain the user setting: 'Theme'
      - By default, users can choose one of their institution's themes as
      their prefered theme.
      - if site admins set $cfg->sitethemeprefs = true in config.php,
      users can ALSO choose standard site's themes as preferred theme for
      browsing the site.
      - remove the option 'No theme selected'
      - sort the themes in alphabetical order
      Change-Id: I6f144747338e88eb1f90c79f0f7934449fe0ab63
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSon Nguyen <son.nguyen@catalyst.net.nz>
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