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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Bug 1624959: Fixing the heading alignment webservice tables · 7cc4b900
      Robert Lyon authored
      For example the Service functions table, where the thead columns are
      misaligned from the rest of the table.
      This is due to the headings being rendered as pieform type 'html',
      which adds an '.html' class, which in turns adds a clearfix and it is
      this clearfix that is causing problems
      behatnotneeded - design/layout issue
      Change-Id: Icd427ab0bdb4ab70214cc9f81c5b33c5e2cddac2
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Bug 1620879: Add "apiversion" field to external_services · 0633673a
      Aaron Wells authored
      To help clients determine which version of a webservice
      they might be connecting to.
      behatnotneeded: Tests to come later
      Change-Id: I90abd0d9470cba4ae42ee3a22a6c0629d325f8d2
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Bug 1620879: Changes to service groups to facilitate automation · d159aaf4
      Aaron Wells authored
      - Adding "shortname" field to service groups
      - Marking plugin-created service groups, as the ones that have
      a "component" field. Make the function list for plugin-created
      service groups not editable by users.
      - Since users may have already edited the old "sample" service
      groups, removing the "component" value from those.
      - And, to avoid trouble going forward, preventing the install
      of the sample service groups on new installations
      behatnotneeded: Tests to be written later
      Change-Id: I23c781d6f2bbf689c12de30a67882bf3f1f4aff9
    • Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar
      Bug 1304146: Delete remote user when delete institution · 933fc266
      Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
      If a user has manually assigned a remote authorization method
      from an institution and he is not a member of that institution
      when we try to delete the institution there will still be
      a record in auth_remote_user table.
      When the institution is deleted, so is the authorization method,
      and so should be the remote user record.
      Change-Id: I91dcadc5fbfddc8941c60adc78f304996591b3b8
    • Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar
      Bug 1095179: A sequence of spaces cannot be a filename · be7871eb
      Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
      Change-Id: I9c2623c451735d2fc50d8b6240edfa0fe47391da
  13. 04 Oct, 2016 4 commits
  14. 03 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Better handling of Pieforms validation failure in block modal · ac21cd81
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1560329: We were neglecting to rewire the "cancel/remove"
      button on a block config after a Pieforms validation failure.
      A pieforms validation failure (when you're using Pieforms'
      jsforms feature) actually replaces the current form with a
      new one, rather than just inserting error messages into the
      existing form.
      Change-Id: Ie3fa440595b08cc5a49cb89cb7ca95bcfa02c2db
      behatnotneeded: Not easy to test with Behat