1. 01 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Bug 1916833 - Annotation can be updated on a page · 690edccd
      Gold authored
      Config gear icon removed from the Annotation blocks.
      In order to still initially create these when added we needed to check
      if the Block was a new instance or not. To achieve that we are now
      passing the block instance into the has_instance_config() method.
      BlockInstance has been extended and will set a 'new' parameter if the ID
      in the constructor is 0.
      AuthPlugin* classes also have the has_instance_config(). These do not
      need the BlockInstance passed in.
      Change-Id: Ifac69fc1d48b45c079b6f66e610776cead3dee63
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    • Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar
      Bug 1813987: block resizing to fit content · 565776fb
      Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      should not resize blocks in view mode
      in view mode, if the content of the block is static,
      then the block dimensions should not change but the
      content of the block should be made smaller
      expand the height of a block only if the content is dynamic,
      like the 'Journal' block
      Change-Id: Ie8183736580e7e592b24e36f4a16618b96a5bf4e
  5. 25 Sep, 2019 1 commit
    • Lisa Seeto's avatar
      Bug 1827811: Resume Icons · 953a5eab
      Lisa Seeto authored
      - get attachment comment counts for bh icons
      - display plain text for titles in editing mode
      - change the way the commentlink is targetted via js
      - add blockid's to resume attachments
      - for folder block: add comment count, change titles from
      	links to plain text when editing
      - change notes attachment file titles from links to plain
      	text when editing
      - get rid of the single artefact block title links for html exports
      Add fixes:
      - blocks that have set types but no artefacts attached don't have modal links
      - pdf block is now using block header and comment count is loaded
      - block headers are above titles
      - tagged journals have icons when in full and matches recent posts styling
      - deleting all comments produces correct icon on block header
      - html exports should not hang on opening modal
      - get rid of warning error re: dock.show() when redirecting from &modal=1 style url
      - code review fixes for all previous patches + fix issue with folders block
      - added in viewdetailsfilter.json.php file to save details mode to user account prefs table
      - make the details btn mode "sticky" so it stays the save value over multiple pages etc...
      - Image Gallery blocks: if displaying a folder of images will get the bar block header and
      will have a the fancy box image preview displaying on image click
      Change-Id: I425cc5a634e176d580aacdb60a20f869f7cb7496
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
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  10. 24 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Display icons for 3rd-party blocktypes plugins · 4f849ed2
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1510421
      Defines a new static PluginBlocktype method, get_css_icon(), which
      fetches the name of the CSS icon to use for this blocktype. It returns
      false by default, which tells the theme to "fall back" to the old
      thumbnail.png instead. 3rd-party plugins can override this to
      specify a particular icon to use.
      All the core blocktypes have been refactored to extend
      MaharaCoreBlocktype, which uses the blocktype name as the name
      of the CSS icon to use. I also deprecated the "SystemBlocktype"
      class while I was at it.
      PluginBlocktype::get_blocktypes_for_category() now returns both
      the results of get_css_icon() and the thumbnail.png path, so that
      themes can decide which they want to use. (And of course
      thumbnail.png is served via thumbnail.php, so 3rd party themes
      can provide their own custom image files if they wish.)
      behatnotneeded: Requires installing third-party plugins to test
      Change-Id: Idb1ecfc7b21175913708e695788906c11133b0c0
  11. 26 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • Ghada El-Zoghbi's avatar
      bug1425424 - Fix bugs for: · daf99dab
      Ghada El-Zoghbi authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      1. Note blocktype: lang string 'title1' is causing issues with the
      admin/stats/pages. It is expecting 'title'.
      2. Resume blocktype: same as above.
      Change-Id: I4967d13405031303d25e6728baaccb9eb4d0443f
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      (#3063) Make blocktype configuration forms change if they are in a template. · d9f2144b
      Nigel McNie authored
      Now they do things like not making it compulsory to choose an artefact
      if it's a template (as the creator might just want to put the block
      there), and removing some options that only make sense in Views.
      There's a parameter for instance_config_form and artefactchooser_element
      to allow the Blocktype to detemine whether it's in a template easily.
  26. 17 Dec, 2008 1 commit
    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      (#3063) Remove copy_allowed in favour of allowed_in_view. Also remove · 099dc5b3
      Nigel McNie authored
      copy_artefacts_allowed is unnecessary as it's only called if the copy
      type is 'full', and there's now no way that you would want to fully
      copy a block and not copy the artefacts inside it.
      Some other API tidyups have been done - default_artefact_config has been
      renamed to rewrite_blockinstance_config and had a method signature
      change to be a bit more flexible.
      The copyconfig field of the View object is gone too, no longer required.
  27. 16 Dec, 2008 1 commit
    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      (#3063) part 2: Hide blocktypes that don't make sense when making a · 7599ec0c
      Nigel McNie authored
      This means that blog/profile/resume blocktypes don't show up in
      group/institution/site Views.
      This is controlled through a new Blocktype method - allowed_in_view.
      Various code had to be changed to listen to this method, mostly around
      the display of the category browser.
      When making a template, all blocktypes are available.
      Part 3 is to change the configuration forms to be more sensible when
      editing a template, and then testing what happens when blocktypes are
      rendered somewhere that they "shouldn't" be - e.g. a My Friends block in
      a group View.
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  33. 21 Apr, 2008 1 commit
    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      Make most blocktype titles editable. · 8b400358
      Nigel McNie authored
      This patch makes most blocktypes have no title set by default when created. For those that used to set their own titles, if no title is set after the configuration form is submitted, then they get the chance to set the title.
      So for example, the RSS block will start with an empty title, but if the user doesn't set it, the title will be the title of the feed that is being syndicated.
      Blocks like 'textbox' still keep their defaults, because they don't have any special case way of setting their own titles.
  34. 16 Feb, 2008 2 commits
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      First shot at entireresume blocktype. · 0f1c8d9d
      Nigel McNie authored
      One suggestion for improvement is to have several layout templates and allow the user to pick one.
      For now, it makes sure that all resume fields a user has are displayed in the block at all times (excluding goals and skills)