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      Display icons for 3rd-party blocktypes plugins · 4f849ed2
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1510421
      Defines a new static PluginBlocktype method, get_css_icon(), which
      fetches the name of the CSS icon to use for this blocktype. It returns
      false by default, which tells the theme to "fall back" to the old
      thumbnail.png instead. 3rd-party plugins can override this to
      specify a particular icon to use.
      All the core blocktypes have been refactored to extend
      MaharaCoreBlocktype, which uses the blocktype name as the name
      of the CSS icon to use. I also deprecated the "SystemBlocktype"
      class while I was at it.
      PluginBlocktype::get_blocktypes_for_category() now returns both
      the results of get_css_icon() and the thumbnail.png path, so that
      themes can decide which they want to use. (And of course
      thumbnail.png is served via thumbnail.php, so 3rd party themes
      can provide their own custom image files if they wish.)
      behatnotneeded: Requires installing third-party plugins to test
      Change-Id: Idb1ecfc7b21175913708e695788906c11133b0c0
  3. 16 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      Bug 1486763: Now deleting correct comment · 6da147c1
      Robert Lyon authored
      Was a problem with the old delete button being an image and so passed
      the _x value, which was then checked for.
      Changed it so it checks that the submit param exists, which is more
      behatnotneeded : problem of finding the row that you just deleted as
      all deleted rows have the same 'Comment removed by the author' text
      Change-Id: Iea379badd2d364112d107977b8f53a62ac272428
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Altering how get_comments() works (Bug #1037531) · 535c66d4
      Robert Lyon authored
      As I'm adding in some new options and I notice that Bug #1326425 will
      also be adding options to get_comments so I thought it would be useful
      to make a default opbject of variables that one can call and alter
      with specific variables where needed rather than having to work out
      where in the function call list things need to go as that list would
      grow up to 10 options.
      Change-Id: I7111559c4d12a8de128b9526930729728a36555e
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Creation of new blocktype 'comment' (bug #1245679) · 441aa7f2
      Robert Lyon authored
      - allow the feedback to display in a block.
      Things to note:
      1) The feedback block is only to display view's comments on the
      view/view.php page and NOT on view/artefact.php page.
      2) When in edit mode (view/blocks.php) the feedback block just
      displays a 'holder' message
      3) When feedback block is on page the feedback does not display at
      base of page anymore and when one clicks the 'Place feedback' link the
      feedback form pops up over everything similar to how editing a block
      4) As the feedback block only works/displays on the view page I have
      not fully integrated all the stuff that feedback creates ie js/form
      into the blocktype. I have left the view/view.php to do the js and
      render form - and simply position the form on the page with js.
      This means that if js is off the edit form will still be in it's
      old place. I felt this was ok because if js is off and the form was
      in the block it could mean things been too squashy if there was lots
      of columns.
      Change-Id: I1edaa886c5a0df1f6feb24bcdd6d8878a833d673