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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Let "group pages" show pages by group members only · 469ef3c8
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1411004: This patch adds an option to the "group
      pages" block, to limit the "pages shared with this
      group" and "collections shared..." sections so that
      they only show pages & collections authored by
      current members of the group
      Change-Id: I95185d61d384aa298fba065a96ccd635c3430ec5
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      The archiving of submitted pages/collections from groups (Bug #1335670) · 5c57b565
      Robert Lyon authored
      This patch contains:
      - The export queue system where pages/collections on release from
      submission are added to the export queue table ready to be archived.
      - The export queue admin page showing what is in the queue to be
      exported. The cron runs every 6 minutes. Queue items failed to export
      are also shown here.
      - The archive list admin page, where one can download the generated
      leap2a files for the archived submissions.
      In this patch you should be able to add things to the export queue by
      either releasing a sumbission on a group that has 'archive
      submissions' option ticked. This will add the archive to that archived
      submission page, or you can also run a leap2a export from portfolio
      export which will add the export queue and send you an email once the
      export is done.
      Things to note:
      - The is a server busy function that stops the export queue from
      running but I'm not too sure if the threshold is too low/high
      - The export queue tries to export the first 100 items each run but if
      resources are fine in handling that easily then the number could be
      higher but I'm not sure of what will be a good number.
      - Currently there is alsoe infrastructure like table columns for dealing
      with releasing submissions from external systems (eg moodle) but that
      functuionality is yet to be built.
      - The checking of server busy in MS windows untested - may need to
      just let MS ignore server busy check as there doesn't seem to be
      standard way to check this.
      Change-Id: If4c1d272e9c5d46fbf16b2ff73ceb2687c06ffd4
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
  24. 16 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Nigel Cunningham's avatar
      (Bug548021) Add support for anonymising pages. · 9624d430
      Nigel Cunningham authored
      This patch adds support for anonymising pages.
      It creates a site option in the General Settings section named 'Allow
      anonymous pages' that must be checked for any page to be anonymised.
      If the site option is enabled, a new 'Anonymise' setting in the
      'Edit title and description' tab of pages is enabled, allowing the owner
      to request that this page be anonymised.
      When both settings are enabled and a user views a page, two things may
      happen to the author's information.
      First, if the user is not logged in or does not have admin, staff or
      owner privileges for the page, the author's name is replaced by the
      anonymous text (defaulting to "(Author's name hidden)") in both the
      body of the page and the metadata author field.
      If the user does have admin, staff or owner privileges for the page,
      the author's name is anonymised as above except that the text displayed
      is made into a link. When this link is clicked, the anonymous author
      text is replaced by the normal author information for the page.
      Anonymous pages displayed in the 'Latest pages' block and shared with
      a group are also anonymised by this patch.
      Change-Id: I2e2c92f641329a1a305cf58a5c5d47bf95436a8b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarNigel Cunningham <nigelc@catalyst-au.net>
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    • Ghada El-Zoghbi's avatar
      Searching by user in Shared Pages (bug 897586) · 3d1484b1
      Ghada El-Zoghbi authored
      Include searching by a user to the Shared Pages tab.
      This is a pretty complicated area as the View::view_search() is used in many areas.
      Have not added a new search type of 'users only' like the 'tags only'.
      Have only updated the general search type of 'Title, description, tags' to include users.
      Change-Id: I6020aa5f432133649e50ea180bbd8536c8e30e72
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGhada El-Zoghbi <ghada@catalyst-au.net>
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    • Yuliya Bozhko's avatar
      Some artefact refactoring (Bug #1298646) · 3ba72d71
      Yuliya Bozhko authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Fixes in this patch:
      - Moved artefact.php to artefacts directory to separate it from pages.
      - Fixed reference to a wrong 'artefactonlyviewableinview' string.
      - Removed add_to_render_path() and its calls which have no purpose at all.
      - Removed 'artefact_parent_cache' table.
      - Removed cron jobs related to 'artefact_parent_cache' from DB.
      - Added 'path' column in 'artefact' table to easier calculate hierarchy.
      - Added ArtefactTest.php for artefacts unit tests
      Change-Id: Ia14cd85b94c32a950354446ee3565bd2964c625c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYuliya Bozhko <yuliya.bozhko@totaralms.com>